Hey all,

I'm closing the online PayPal registration system right now... we're about to leave tonight and tomorrow and i basically do not see my own house again until after DEFCON. (ALOA, HOPE, LockCon, BlackHat, DEFCON is the reason if you're curious.)

We currently have just over 50 people officially signed up, along with about 10 RSOs and staff... everyone is all down on my spreadsheet, etc. I can't keep up with any more registrations that might come in via the internet after this point.

What i will permit is for folk to reserve any of the 6 remaining lane slots in the Wednesday #1 session.

If you arrive on site and have not pre-regged, i'll do my best to accommodate you. People can always just shoot off to the side in an unregulated, uncovered area (as long as you maintain the same cease-fires and safety rules as we do) but you can only step into the established lanes if you have a badge.

See you in Las Vegas!