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    Hey Folks,
    I've had an idea for a couple of years that's finally making it's way into reality. A few photographers and myself will be splitting the schedule at DC20 and trying to capture as much of the happenings as possible, since there are some contests and events that get little to no coverage and we'd like to see that changed. It's got some initial support (?) from a few senior staff, and we'd like to make this coverage as thorough and successful as possible. If you have any events not on the schedule or want coverage, let me know or contact the Info Booth and we'll see about getting someone there to cover it. Anything secretive or behind-the-scenes that happens can also be captured, and those pictures held until after the conference.

    For the paranoid out there, this isn't an "official" defcon photographer, and we'll still follow all the posted rules and guidelines as everyone else. We're just trying to add a little organization to something traditionally unorganized. :)