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  • Defcon TV

    Anyone know if Defcon TV is happening this year and if so, what are the channels? Thanks

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    Re: Defcon TV

    Was going OK ch56 until 3:30pm 7/27 when the sound and video cout out. Channels 55 & 58 showing video only at this time, no sound.
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      Re: Defcon TV

      Thank you for DefCon TV! Even with the glitches, it was great to be able to roll out of bed and turn it on while going through hangover recovery routine.

      Only thing to make it better - a camera on the slideshow or demonstration, and a sub window with the speaker.

      I know a lot of hard work goes in to this and again THANK YOU!!!!
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        Re: Defcon TV

        Agreed. DCTV was a nice thing to have again this year. I would love to see the slides included into the video.

        Definitely appreciated being able to hang out in my room while recovering from the night before and catching some talks.

        Big thanks to the Media folks for putting the work into get this running!


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          Re: Defcon TV

          Only channel 55/56 were available in our room in Masq tower. Although we heard of others in the tower who had all of the channels. Hotel wasn't terribly helpful to resolve.

          I did observe some issues but seriously am more appreciative of the offering than critical of the hick-ups. The DCTV is a real asset.

          Thanks to those who made it happen++
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            Re: Defcon TV

            TLDR: thanks for trying; unreliable; want slides; disable Windows Update when using a box for something that thousands of people will be watching

            While I appreciate the effort that goes into DCTV, I found this year to be quite disappointing and frustrating. It did seem to get better over the weekend as the bugs were worked out, as usual, but even closing ceremonies wasn't perfect (low audio).

            We tried to watch General Alexander's talk on DCTV, but only got to see the first 20 minutes or so. I forget the mode of failure (lost audio or lost everything), but that was all she wrote. Many times (especially earlier in the weekend), I was greeted with Windows screens, Windows machines rebooting, Windows machines installing patches, Windows machines having Quicktime reinstalled, etc. And when the video worked, sometimes the audio was either missing completely or the level was really low. Even during closing ceremonies, the audio was so low that we had to have the TV turned almost all the way up.

            The other frustrating thing is that we aren't seeing the slides. I realize this isn't trivial, but I remember at a recent Defcon, there was a panel? either talking to department heads or it was specifically about Defcon Networking / DCTV. It was said that the powers-that-be understood that in many cases, the slides are more important than seeing the speaker, and that efforts would be made to do picture-in-picture or just show the slides and audio. I was hoping this would come to be, but it didn't.

            I think DCTV is really important, especially since we're in the attendee counts of over 10,000, and popular talks often fill up. Next year I might try and stuff myself into the rooms rather than rely on DCTV, since once you realize a talk isn't working on DCTV, it's too late to make it downstairs to see it.



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              Re: Defcon TV

              Oh, one more thing...

              I'm sure it's tedious to have someone monitoring the quality of all of the feeds going into the hotel's CATV system. It's not a job I would want, for sure. How about an easy way for those watching to report problems? Maybe a published email address or twitter feed / hashtag so that we can send in things like "#dctvproblems track 1 no audio" or "track 3 Windows login screen".

              Not sure if it's a problem of the right people not knowing there are problems, or that it just takes time/effort to get them fixed.

              - hinge