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    Winners and Prizes

    Schema Supremacy: Derpfish
    Prize: Supreme Commander Hoodie, Navicat for PostgreSQL
    Congrats to Derpfish for his second win in a row!

    Best in-game hack: nobody :(
    Prize: $100
    This was super depressing. Not a single person could come up with a fun way to gain an advantage in the game. Since nobody claimed it, this prize was bet on black Sunday night and I am happy to report that a fresh hundred was paid out. This means that next year the pot for this prize will be up to $300 cash.

    Next year
    Oh yes, there will certainly be a next year. This year didn't go completely as planned but it was another great learning experience. Make sure you get practicing for next year at which runs all year round.

    The Qualifiers
    We have learned that this game can be a bit hard to play if you haven't prepared so, starting as soon as we have time for, we will be holding qualifying rounds for next years tournament. We have some pretty good ideas for where to hold them including:

    -The Academic Qualifier
    Want your school involved? Send me an email at josh [at] schemaverse [dot] com

    -Conference Tournaments
    Want a Schemaverse Tournament qualifying round run at your conference? I think it would be a pretty fun event for any conferences on security, programming, databases, etc. Again, if you are interested, send me an email at josh [at] schemaverse [dot] com

    -The Public Qualifier
    Can you get the Schema Supremacy Trophy in the public server? Your in, easy as that :D

    Stay posted to and @schemaverse on twitter for the latest details on the qualifiers as they come to light.

    Thanks goes out to a lot of people this year:

    The Schemaverse Team
    The Schemaverse Tournament wouldn't be possible without the help of some awesome friends who help make it all happen. The folks at SauceTel including Tigereye, appl and rick as well as Cloin and Indigo, Thank you!

    Brad Johnson
    This man handles all the Schemaverse branding including this year's Supreme Commander Hoodie, our free pins and The Schemaverse's awesome space elephant logo.

    This gentleman is the creator of the popular Schemaverse Visualizer that was on display this year. This brought a huge amount of new interest to our booth and really helped with explaining the game to new players.

    Pyr0 and his band of Contest Goons
    You had a lot of contests to run this year and from the perspective of a contest it all seemed to go really smoothly. Thank you and well done!

    Now a supporter of The Schemaverse through three contests over a span of two years. As the only company who actually responded to my emails this year while we were in search of prizes, they deserve a big thanks for supporting the contest throughout it's infancy.

    The Scavenger Hunt
    Thank you ScavHunt team for the last minute addition of a Schemaverse bullet point on your list. You guys rock for doing your part to help the smaller contest get new interest!

    Almost forgot you! Im Sorry D: I still have no clue at all who you actually are but you put a huge amount of effort into running this forum and you are always helping to get any DEFCON related details out on to those who want to know. Any contests and events listed in the above forum owe you a huge thank you, The Schemaverse and myself included.

    Happy DEFCON and see everyone next year for DC21 :D
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