Hello All!
Here are some statistics from the Network Forensics Puzzle Contest #3 @ Defcon XX:

Top Teams
1. Team Strawberries
2. NobleTrout
3. Team X
4. Tom Pohl

- Only team Strawberries completed the contest without hints, and they completed it in just over 24 hours.
- Only 4 Teams solved puzzles 4, 5, and 6.
- About 200 teams made it to rounds 1 and 2
- We had 346 teams sign up to play.
- Average team size was 2
- This was our third year of running the contest.

Also, we have our first writeup! To all of those who made it to 4 and just quit, here is one way you could have solved it. If you're still playing, SPOILER ALERT DON'T CLICK ON THIS LINK

Thanks to Pyr0 for working hard and following up with us when we had some email issues, thanks to DT for everything he's done, thank you to all the teams that played and thanks TheCotMan for keeping the forums going smoothly!


It's only going to be better next year :)