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    Good morning afternoon and evening ladies and gents,
    I'm finding myself in a dilemma and need some honest opinions. I've always heard you go back to your first love whatever it was that you like to do that you enjoy doing, more so than anything. I started messing and play around with computers when I was 12, fell in love and followed that until I was 25.

    I've been a field engineer, I've been a computer builder, I've been network system administrator and even a in school MCSE instructor.
    The only reason I got out of that field is because at the time I was actually training people to take my job, or any future potential position.

    I found it challenging and also enjoyed it throughout those years always! Had the opportunity to meet some absolutely amazing people also.

    Now the dilemma I'm in is because something in the back of my mind wants to go back into the technical field. What I am doing now has absolutely nothing to do with the IT industry or the field at all.

    Back then I wanted out of the IT field so bad it did not matter what I got into so I got into driving truck.
    Don't get me wrong brothers and sisters I enjoy that but find myself streaming YouTube videos on a daily basis about our field in our industry and watching them or listening to them going up and down the road.

    To make it simple, I miss it!

    I still have a ton of friends that come to me when they either need something fixed or they find themselves stuck. But like we say here I don't want to hold your hand, you at least have to try it first on your own.
    And then if they are still stuck after trying then is when I help.

    I've been a member of many groups throughout the years. So I always stay close to those who I know.

    Now we're your opinions come in?
    Where does a hacker from the old days fit into today's society within the industry? Once again I've been out of the field for so long I have no idea where to turn or in which area to go.

    Those that have read my posts know that I have no formal education whatsoever. The only reason I have had the IT jobs that I've had is because of my skill set and my past experience.

    Not sure where to even begin again guys!

    All the best,

    I'm looking for positive opinions!
    I already live with one negative person so Please don't troll or goon this thread.

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    Re: Honest opinions

    Originally posted by Knoppix View Post
    Where does a hacker from the old days fit into today's society within the industry? Once again I've been out of the field for so long I have no idea where to turn or in which area to go.
    two distinct answers, but they're both the best i can give in two differing ways:

    1. dreamer's answer - nothing is impossible if you want to put in the time to dedicate yourself to getting up to speed. this is not pure fantasy: the industry changes and shifts so often now (particularly in specific sub-markets like mobile platforms or cloud-based services) that "old timers" really are in no different position than fresh-scrubbed college grads who have no experience. reading/training/entry-level jobs are great places to start and climb fast if you can learn.

    2. more pragmatic answer - management. what's old is always new again, particularly when it comes to how people THINK about tech and security. find an almost unbelievably specific focus area with ties to what you once did and a company who relies on it heavily and they might just want you for architecture and oversight planning, etc. i've worked under plenty of bosses and managers who couldn't code or produce the nitty-gritty of whatever the company was creating, but they understood what came before and therefore could effectively oversee all of us who did the real production. and because they had experience, they knew good fundamentals. those never go out of style.
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