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  • USSJoin
    Re: Amateur Radio

    Was just talking to DaKahuna, and it sounds like I'll be leading the VE team for this summer. If you're willing to help out with exams, please email me (even if you've emailed DaKahuna): K3QB at We need bunches of VEs; the exam session two years ago was a big one. If you're a General/VE, you're very much welcome: the *vast* majority of licenses at this session will just be techs, which you can grade. (Obviously we'll also need Extra/VEs.)

    If you're a ham licensee at General or above, become a volunteer examiner today! You'll have your credentials by Defcon. It's very simple--- open-book test and the like--- just check out for how to do it.


    ---Brendan, K3QB

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  • DaKahuna
    started a topic Amateur Radio

    Amateur Radio

    Looking for a group to conduct the Amateur Radio Exams on Sunday.