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Title: An Introduction Author: dammride

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  • Title: An Introduction Author: dammride

    Jean was heading to DefCon42 for the annual.

    Jean chose to walk to the ConHall instead of skating there. Not only was walking more relaxing than skating, the slower pace of walking laid down dense time-path-records that could, later, be snipped out of the recorder, expanded, and used to overlay some other time-path-record that might need to be obscured. Using your own TPRs meant you didn't have to re-hash the ID segment, and that kept the cycle charges low... leaving more money for beer.

    In Jean's left wrist, the nano scanner thrummed, but at a less than painful level. The local EM fields and bio-vectors were nothing special, easily deflected by the device's emitter. Had there been a serious penetration attempt or lifethreat, the implant's neural connections would've triggered either a subconscious alteration in route or - at critical levels - a reflexive about-face and speedy escape.

    On the other hand, or rather wrist, Jean's meta map cranked away, silent and still, sieving through the 'net on its myriad missions. An older model, it occasionally got bogged down on a topic, but Jean was reluctant to upgrade since changing hardware platforms was a bitch. The maker's own updates couldn't be applied 'cause Jean's customizations and code enhancements had skewed the address space in ways that the original developer'd never imagined.So unless there was a surgeon involved... the meta map was staying.

    Nearing the ConHall entrance, Jean felt the pressure of the crowd. Whether they were there pureVirt or in person, their endpoints were delivering there, and the bits were flying thick. The nano rendered this into a feeling like rain on Jean's skin, growing stronger. As Jean passed the lobby door, the data wave surged at Jean and did not recede; it was like walking into a lake.

    The nano shrank scope automatically, and grew its TrustLinkStore to join the mesh. Threats now were detected more through the mesh, and less by the nano's own receptors. Being in crowds was like being a fish in a school of fish, your nano reacting to other nanos' reactions even though yours might not see the danger. Given the size of the crowd, the TrustLinkStore was rolling keys every ten seconds just for headroom. And, of course, given the nature of the crowd, Jean had balanced the nano's store on a quantum pin -- one had to take certain precautions at DefCon.

    It was all nano and meta in 2034 - nano handled the mundane world, and meta gave entrance to the 'net. Meta was where higher level interactions occurred. There were folks in the ConHall /in person/ who were actually attending in pureVirt too, getting a double feed of the bits - one feed at level 0 and another at level 1. It was like having stereoscopic vision on the conference.

    And then there were a few ... always a few... who'd gone meta on that. Operating meta-meta in daily life wasn't unusual, of course -- the setting of daily life was pretty dang boring. You could afford a little detachment, a little escape. And some places even meta-meta was polluted with advertisements, and you had to go meta-meta-meta just to get away from the scrolling banners. Some hackers speculated that the NSA was actually watching the meta levels from the TOP DOWN; can you even imagine the referencing and resolution workload?!

    Of course the mass of people never pondered these things, and the overwhelming majority'd never even conceived of meta-as-itself. The mass just plodded onward, at level 1, barely able to navigate the fricking menu. But the scene in the ConHall was anything but boring... the nano might save your fleshy butt, but not paying attention to the right meta level might leave you rather... umm, exposed.

    So you see, DefCon in 2034 was much like DefCon in 2013.
    "They-Who-Were-Google are no longer alone. Now we are all Google."

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    Re: Title: An Introduction Author: dammride

    You took "short story" literally! :)

    Good Luck!
    "They-Who-Were-Google are no longer alone. Now we are all Google."