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Title: Secret Histories of Defcon Author: Elegin

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  • eris
    Re: Title: Secret Histories of Defcon Author: Elegin

    *This Post Has Been Removed by Order of Homeland Security, Miskatonic University, Department of Egyptian Studies, through the auspices of Professor L0stboy, BPRD*

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  • eris
    started a topic Title: Secret Histories of Defcon Author: Elegin

    Title: Secret Histories of Defcon Author: Elegin

    This is my recollection of events and facts that led to an uncertain future for humanity. This account has been written to stop the impending devastation. This document is being pushed to websites, torrents, forums, newspapers, broadcast stations, and magazines. Primarily, I am sending it to the one place it will have the most effect, the Defcon Short Story contest. The hope is that during the current change in management of the contest it will slip through unchallenged. The story must get out. It may already be too late.Those of you who are not already infected, heed these warnings.

    The best way to hide a conspiracy is to not hide it. Jeff Moss set the stage for global dominance; I do not know if he always wanted this or if this happened over time as he gathered power and influence. Moss started his pull for power early with the creation of Defcon in 1993 after realizing the potential for support from operating a number of bulletin boards. Moss needed to cement himself into a position of influence and foster an environment for the creation of tools that would be needed in the future. The world's brightest and best coming to one place to disclose their work and be nudged along in the needed directions.

    Moss began embedding himself in the corporate environment. By 1997 Moss created Blackhat which was used as the stage for corporate infiltration, consolidating contacts and influence.

    In 2005 Moss sold Blackhat to fund the first overt stage of his plan with help from Joe Grand and Ryan Clarke. Joe Grand’s ties to L0pht Heavy Industries, hardware background, and his Kingpin Empire made him the perfect ally for Moss. Ryan Clarke’s shaded and elusive background is more of a mystery; his panache for egyptian imagery begs the question of how old Clarke really is or if he is even a human, all participants of The Mystery Challenge will attest to this.

    in 2006 Joe Grand started with his famous defcon electronic badges. This was the testing phase for covert brainwashing.The badges were slowly introduced to desensitize participants and to create an industry trend toward electronic badges for conferences. Within a few years other conferences began using electronic badges and in those badges were the same type of LED and code. Each badge created had the minimum parts to include near -infrared LEDs. These emit a very specific wavelength at 630-880 nm in a strange pattern; this combination directly affects the psyche of anyone that is exposed to it. The foundation to this technique is in a paper from 2004 ( two full years before the first badge) : “Light-emitting diode treatment reverses the effect of TTX on cytochrome oxidase in neurons. *”
    Examining the badge code reveals sections which are unnecessarily obfuscated and what seems to be too little code. Later badges revealed snippets of code that communicated with other badges. It was then I realized that the code is not centralized to a single badge: It is distributed through the networked badges which is activated by a specific arrangement of other badges. When the correct combination of badges are in proximity to each other the code is combined in memory and executed ; when badges are rebooted or the battery expires, the code is wiped from memory. This technique was developed by defcon attendee’s as part of the badge contest.

    In 2009 Moss was appointed to the Council of Homeland Security. This was a strategic placement utilizing Blackhat contacts and an enhancement of electronic badges. Success had been reached with mind manipulation using Joe Grands badge designs. Moss's mindset has been released into the wild and now has a clearly defined role in homeland security.

    The first badge designs were tests and meant to infect weaken minds. With help from Ryan Clarke; The Mystery Challenge became the testbed for influencing a mind in a vulnerable state. The test were a success. This was foreshadows back in 2004 at Defcon 12 when Clarke won the TCP/IP embedded device conest. Clarke embedded a parallax controller into a human skull and was able to send remote commands to have the skull speak! Now it is being accomplished on live human skulls.

    With the stage set Clarke, implemented the first major release of embedded code implanted into thousands of people. The trigger mechanism was a simple set of images. In 2011 defcon 19, non electronic badges were introduced. The shape of the badges were the inciting trigger. It resulted in the creation of the Brotherhood of Horus.

    In 2012 at defcon 20 they introduced a mix of electronic badge design and image triggering shapes; this would infect people and trigger the programming. More than 20,000 people attended defcon 20!

    The badge discovery puts all the events at Defcon into perspective. Look at CTF, Lockpick, HHV, SECTF, Tamper Evident, and many more embedded and layered over the years. All these activities are designed to train people and to harvest new techniques, which are then incorporated. Where else in the world can you got to a place to learn to pick a lock, hack an ATM, attack a network, defend a network and remove and replace items in tamper resistant packages. All this is done in the open, to the point that there is a contest call Spot the Fed! Moss has created a training camp for foot soldiers and has been doing this for over 20 years!

    With the creation of the Brotherhood of Horus, a small resistance group formed; The Set Society. We are immune to the programming and have modified the badges to create infrared noise that prevent badges from infecting more victims. If you see our sign, talk to us and free your mind from the shackles of Moss. Join The Set Society to stop Moss from conquering the world. Go to to stop the infection; this only halts it.

    I have only touched the surface of the Secret Histories of Defcon. Do your own research. Look into the NinjaTel phones, HBGary talk, Dmitry Sklyarov, the dateline reporter, venue changes, Defcon network and Lockheed, Defcon Kids, project2, the list goes on and on.

    I am just glad that Defcon 21 is canceled.