Wireless Penetration Testing 101 & Wireless Contesting

Whether it’s war-driving or doing penetration testing of wireless networks there are tools, hardware and software, that have shown to stand the test of time. Some of the biggest difficulties that users encounter are hardware related. This talk will cover the hardware and software that we as experienced wireless pen testers recommend for users just starting out. To provide some hands on experience with wireless penetration testing, we have developed a number of mini-contest that will be conducted in the Wireless Village. We will provide an over view of these contest designed to test your wireless skills whether you are new to wireless or an experienced wireless penetration tester.

By day he works with large government agencies criticizing network and security architectures, wreaking havoc on information assurance and information security policies, standards and guidance. By night he enjoys snooping the Ether be it the amateur radio bands or his neighbors wireless networks. He is a father of two, 24 year Navy veteran, holder of an amateur radio Extra Class license and a staunch supporter and exerciser of his 2nd Amendment rights.

builder and breaker of RF things, defender of good and evil depending on your perspective, lots of time in the IT security space, and been involved with DefCon wireless as a competitor and visionary since 2002, and his last name is MELLENDICK