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Recruiting agents for the DefCon DarkNet

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    Re: Encryption/Decryption expertise needed

    I am also really interested in participating -- would love to help with the planning/implementation side. I have most of the software skills requested (web design/programming, tor knowledge, tor site creation experience!, gpg experience on all platforms, network programming, etc.) and would be psyched to learn new things!

    If you don't need any more help on the setup side, I'll still definitely participate in the game itself. As a DefCon virgin, I apologize for perhaps the silly question: do participants also sign up here, or at the Con?

    I love the Daemon and Freedom series -- read Daemon when it was published under the pseudonym "Leinad Zeraus" way early on. This is such an awesome thing, and I'm excited!
    How do you do?


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      Re: Encryption/Decryption expertise needed

      Originally posted by zeroaltitude View Post
      As a DefCon virgin, I apologize for perhaps the silly question: do participants also sign up here, or at the Con?
      You don't need to register here. The website will have information about the best way to join the DarkNet community. Hint: There's a hardware device involved.


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        Re: Recruiting agents for the DefCon DarkNet

        The new site is up! It, uhh, right now is just a better looking version of what was already there. But there is more coming. I promise. :-)

        Registration, such as it is, will happen on the web site when the event begins. There is no limit to the number of players we can have, but there is a limit to the amount of hardware we're bringing.

        There will be various hardware kits for sale at $10 each:

        1: Learn To Solder - Through Hole Edition: Contains a board, through hole components, and batteries. The resultant device is a somewhat important component in the game, though you can still do much of the game without it. We're bringing 300 of these.

        2: Learn To Solder - Surface Mount Upgrade: Contains some SMT components that you add to the board you built above. This kit is not useful without the first one. The result will make the board easier to use (though you'll be rewarded by doing it The Hard Way at least once.) We're also bringing 300 of these.

        3: *mumble*mumble*mumble*: There is a third kit who's purpose I'm intentionally being vague on. There are 100 of these.

        If you decide to dump $30 in the HHV, you get all three kits and won't be left out of anything. If you only have $20 to spend and don't mind getting old school with your digital communications, I'd go with kits #1 and #3 as they will enable to you do to the most in the game. If you see kit #3 and decide you're less interested in it, then go with #1 and #2 as your life will be a lot easier with the SMT upgrade.

        One thing to note about hardware sales: We are not in this to make money. If we sell most or all of the kits, any money we end up with over expenses is going straight to the EFF. If we DON'T sell enough of the kits, that money is coming straight out of my pocket (which I'm totally OK with. It's worked into the calculations.) So just because we're selling stuff, don't think this is to make money.

        There will also be plenty to do that does NOT involve hardware. If you've got a set of lock picks, bring them. A laptop or other powerful system with Wifi "tools" (eg: Backtrack) would also be good. And, don't be shy. This will give you an opportunity to meet other people, sometimes celebrities. I've even heard a rumor that Daniel Suarez (the author of the books that started all this) will lurking about. Look for different colored LEDs. :-)

        Access to a web browser is a must. It's how you'll communicate with the Daemon.

        Any other questions that I may or may not answer? :-D