Our second qualifying tournament will be held on June 26, 2013 and will be open for anybody who wishes to compete. The qualifying round will take place on the public Schemaverse server, so registration is as easy as it gets.

The top 25 players in the tournament will qualify for the championship round at DC21
The player who finishes in the top spot at the qualifier will get Free Entry to DEFCON 21*
Other prizes to come as I figured them out

* Note: This is out of my own pocket and not necessarily affiliated with DEFCON. I also can't pay your airfare/hotel but I am trying to get some sponsorship to potentially help with that.

How the hell do you play the Schemaverse? Walk through the tutorial to get started, or come talk in the #Schemaverse channel on freenode for tips and tricks.

How did the first qualifying round go? Check out the post-competition write up on our blog.