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staff looks good now (was: "still under-staffed")

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    Re: still VERY under-staffed

    If I can make it in time for the shoot, Deviant then count me in, in whatever role you need hands. Once I wrap my brain around time zones I'll drop you an email with my ETA.
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      Re: staff looks good now (was: "still under-staffed")

      i posted this as an edit on the top message, as well... we are looking a lot better on staff now. thanks to everyone who stepped up.

      i'm still very very very hopeful that FirmWarez and ShortGrrl can still make it, because they are such an integral part of both my logistics as well as my fun. fingers crossed.

      but, aside from that, we should be alright. and with the fire controlled, i think it's rather safe to say i'll be seeing you all in the desert!
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