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2013 - Call for categories

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  • astcell
    Re: 2013 - Call for categories

    I've never done this before so I just made a few ideas, idea sent. You can tell me to go away if my ideas sucked. :>

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  • wintr
    Re: 2013 - Call for categories

    Examples from DefCon 17:

    Category Name: Mystery Six
    Description: Items commonly found in a hacker’s backpack
    Item 1: flash drive
    Item 2: mouse
    Item 3: sunglasses
    Item 4: swiss army knife
    Item 5: netbook
    Item 6: evil-twin access point

    Category Name: Memories of the AP
    Description: Past DEFCON glory that never arrived at the Riv
    Item 1: tents
    Item 2: goon pool
    Item 3: hot tub
    Item 4: pool three girl
    Item 5: DEFCON TV
    Item 6: Liquor / Super Mart

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  • wintr
    started a topic 2013 - Call for categories

    2013 - Call for categories

    Want to hedge your bets when competing in Hacker Pyramid? How about contribute the categories that you might be describing to our hand picked daily fresh hacker celebs?

    That's right, you too can be enshrined in the Hacker Pyramid annals of time just by putting together at least seven words. Your name might even make it up on screen when your category is being used to humiliate and denigrate contestants.

    Just post your new category here, or even better, e-mail defcon at hackerpyramid dot com.

    Guidelines for Categories:

    - Categories must contain SEVEN items.
    - Category title may not be used as an item within it.
    - A description or clue is nice, but not required.
    - In-jokes are allowed, but may not entertain the audience.
    - Being security related will help your category with our judging staff.
    - Try to avoid items that are long strings. Some of our contestants have trouble reading small text on screen.

    That's it, it's that simple. Now get churning away on them.

    See you in vegas
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