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Talk: The Glitch, What it is, and why you should want one!

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  • Talk: The Glitch, What it is, and why you should want one!

    Ever want a wireless army of attack hardware under your control? (Obviously one of the key steps in world domination.) Well, you may get your chance. Recently funded on Kickstarter, The Glitch is (the first?) reprogrammable micro-controller platform designed specifically for multipurpose hacking. If hardware’s not your thing, that’s okay. It’s small, easy-to-use, plug-and-play design should get anyone hacking with hardware in no time.

    The Glitch is compatible with hundreds of existing hardware boards (no soldering required), including many types of wireless technology. This talk will cover how to use Bluetooth and other wireless technologies to remotely control attacks such as keystroke injection and keylogging from your phone, tablet, or computer. Attendees will also get a step-by-step on incorporating wireless control into their own projected using The Glitch.

    Speaker: JP Dunning (.ronin)
    Vell, WiK's just zis guy