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  • Re: DEAF CON

    I also really enjoyed the subtitles, but agree that it would be great to come up with a solution that would not affect the slides (maybe a separate screen?)

    Also, I have experience doing medical transcription so if the need should arise for more transcribers I would be more than happy to help.


    • Re: DEAF CON

      To add on to what Knollgrass said, our first meetup at DEFCON 21 was great and we got a lot of positive feedback. We are planning to be back for DEFCON 22 with bigger and better ideas.

      So thank you to Knollgrass and b_gret for being awesome interpreters. Thank you for coming out to DEFCON and doing some great work.

      Thank you to lady merlin and Deviant Ollam for getting the badges made and helping with the logistics. It was great to have you DEFCON vets on board even though you had a ton of things to run at the con.

      For all those with caption feedback, you may want to post in the DC 22 suggestion thread in the "DEFCON 21 & Beyond" Forum. It may help brainstorm implementation for DEFCON 22.

      Thanks again and I'm looking forward to next year!
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      • Re: DEAF CON

        wow, i am just so incredibly thrilled that this all came together. as with many events that start as ideas on the forums, things like this don't become awesome because of the first post (like mine) they become awesome because of all the subsequent posts (like those from Beni and also our interpreters, etc)

        seriously, Beni... you rock. when asked if you'd run this and take the lead in future years, as well, your answer was an immediate yes. that's what DEFCON needs: people to carry the torch and keep things going. you did an excellent job this time around and i know it will continue to get better in the future, as well.

        photos, photos, photos...

        DEAF CON meetup session (happened both Fri and Sat at 2PM in Chillout area)

        DEAF CON crew signing "hack" (i still love that it's so close to making a hadouken!)

        ... there are still badges and lanyards and other swag from this year (did you see our badges? there's a blurry shot in a video here.) the interpreters had a good time and have said they'll return next year.

        i'm over the moon happy with how this turned out.
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