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Final Teams for Crash and Compile

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  • Final Teams for Crash and Compile

    So it looks like the results are in. I hope everyone enjoyed the pre-qualifications for Crash and Compile at DEF CON 21.

    As you know there are only nine slots available, so only the top teams will move on toward the competition.

    So congratulations go out to the teams who made it this year.

    Burn It Down!
    Exit 0
    Frink Rules!
    Pseudorandom Garbage Generator
    Tachibana General Labs
    The Ghost of Sir Donald Bradman

    Should one or more of the above teams not be able to compete, the following teams are next in line.

    0 (Null)
    Team Discovery Channel

    Some interesting stats:

    All in all people submitted 9845 lines of code to the grader.

    Of the submissions here is the language break down. That will either tell you which was more popular or which people had the most problems with.

    3.6% C++
    5.7% C#
    12.9% Frink
    1.4% Haskell
    35% Java
    25% Perl
    16.4% Python

    The largest amount of code written to solve a single problem award goes to The Ghost of Sir Donald Bradman who wrote a solution consisting of 484 lines of code, totaling 16K.

    I look forward to seeing you all at the competition.
    perl -e 's==UBER?=+y[:-o]}(;->\n{q-yp-y+k}?print:??;-p#)'