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contest runs from noon to 5:00 on Saturday. here's the lowdown

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  • Deviant Ollam
    Re: contest runs from noon to 5:00 on Saturday. here's the lowdown

    Do robots dream of electric sheep? No, we know from Bender that their dreams are much more like… 10100011102


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  • contest runs from noon to 5:00 on Saturday. here's the lowdown

    So things are all set for Black Bag to run on Saturday of DEFCON, from noon until 5:00 PM. This should be enough time for at least 8 teams to ultimately run the course. What does the game course entail, you ask? Well... this is a simulated penetration and exfiltration game. The idea is to get in to a secure office, search within for intelligence, and escape (taking some things with you)

    Teams of 3 people will be tasked with the following objectives:

    1. infiltrate an office
    2. prevent a computer within from sleeping
    3. unlock & search a briefcase
    4. unlock & search a Pelican case
    5. document and replace secret plans found within each case
    6. take compromising photos within the facility
    7. get the info .txt notes on the computer
    8. search for hidden keys, decode their bitting
    9. unlock the computer cart from the wall
    10. steal the computer from the room
    11. ULTRA MEGA BONUS… use the Hot Plug and UPS Box
    to steal the computer while it’s still powered on!

    ... teams will have 15 minutes to accomplish all of this. Time left on the clock becomes bonus points. The scoring is weighted in favor of accomplishing objectives.

    In other words, a team that gets in and out very fast will still get a respectable score, even if they don't accomplish all goals, but a team that methodically accomplishes every objective will beat them in scores... even if they take almost the whole 15 minutes. There are 1700 objective points up for grabs and (theoretically) 900 time points for a maximum possible score of 2500.

    The game will begin running at noon (if we get everything set up smoothly... testing went well tonight) and we'll keep letting qualified teams run the course until 5:00 PM rolls around or until we run out of players!