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Do you KNOW pyr0????

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  • Do you KNOW pyr0????

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    Re: Do you KNOW pyr0????


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      Re: Do you KNOW pyr0????

      Originally posted by y3t1 View Post
      That is strange. Your entire post as an image did not show up in the forums....

      I'll need to investigate why the IMG tag was not being used here. Until then...

      It looks like your URL is to a page of HTML, not an image, so you are asking clients to load the HTML as an image, which it it not. :-/

      From the HTML page you include in your URL to the image, I found the link to the image and only the image, and was able to get the image to display in the forums.

      If you want to be clever, you can combine the img and url tags on the forums to make something like this:

      : Image of tee shirt

      and that above collection of tags created a URL with the link/archor using the image and following text "image of tee shirt" so people with text-only browsers can see what it is you are linking too. (Also helps people that are blind.)

      To see the tags used in the forums to make that happen, reply to this post, and the tags should be visible inside "[" and "]"

      Hope this help. :-)

      Good luck!


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        Re: Do you KNOW pyr0????

        NO mofo, Pyr0 Knows ME.
        "Haters, gonna hate"


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          Re: Do you KNOW pyr0????

          Everyone is Pyr0. Or no one. We all know pyr0. But some of us don't know it yet.
          "They-Who-Were-Google are no longer alone. Now we are all Google."