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  • Current Status of DC801

    To keep people in the loop who otherwise would not be, here is a post to let everyone know what we are currently up to at DC801.

    For the past couple years, we have been meeting on the first friday of every month as well as random events as members want.

    The core DC801 members have been running a Hacker Space in downtown SLC known as 801Labs (formally theTransistor-SLC). This has been DC801 HQ since opening in November 2012. This is where we have all of our meetings, social events, and hackathons. We welcome anyone to come out and hang with us.

    To stay current on all events, find us on any one of the following mediums:
    IRC: #dc801 on FreeNode
    Twitter: @DEFCON801
    Reddit: /r/dc801
    and at DEFCON!