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Crash and Compile at DEF CON 22

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  • Crash and Compile at DEF CON 22

    Hey there folks. I just finished up with being super busy helping my local hackerspace, SYN Shop, put on this year's Las Vegas Mini-Maker Faire. And now after a brief moments rest, I'm gearing up for an awesome DEF CON. So we're planning to be back, and are working to make this year's Crash and Compile even more awesome. So dust off your compilers, and start building up your alchohol tolerances, because you're certainly going to need it. Want to take a shot at knocking down Team Frink Rules a few pegs? Plotting to kidnap PunkAB so you won't have to try and figure out another one of his evil problems? I want you all back with a coding vengeance.

    Some changes we have in the works, that you can look forward to:

    After running through a couple rounds with the current version auto grader, I'm determined to fix the problems people have with it. You get very little feedback, and god help you if you decide that Java is your programming language of choice. It's near impossible to make my build environment exactly like your build environment. So I'm eliminating that from being a worry. This year, the only thing I'm checking on is the results of your program output. We're still using a web based grader, but this time we send you a series of test cases, and then you send back the solutions. We plan on writing a few example methods that you can do to help automate this on your workstation, but ultimately how you do so is up to you.

    Second, since people did burn a lot of time fighting with the auto grader, your first "problem" is going to be a basic "Hello world' type program to work through your process of submitting problem results. During the pre-qualification round, the time for this isn't going to count against you, and during the contest, finishing the hello world problem will be how you show you are ready. After all, this contest is about programming and problem solving, not troubleshooting computer problems.

    I _REALLY_ want more audience participation. I'm toying around with the idea of letting the audience play the part of the control group, and perhaps a prize that goes to the audience member who racks up the most points.

    Again, in making this more entertaining for the audience, I'm thinking of ways to possible do a screen sharing, that we can put up on the projector, maybe give someone from team distraction a camera who's video output is displayed on the projector. If you have any cool ideas here, let us know.

    If you are new to Crash and Compile, and don't know what the hell I'm rambling on about. I'll be posting the contest description here shortly.
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