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getting ammo and gear out to Vegas for the Shoot

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  • seeess
    Re: getting ammo and gear out to Vegas for the Shoot

    Yeah the first year I shipped ammo to the hotel direct from the online store where I ordered ammo. I was hoping I'd save money by avoiding shipping it myself since I usually order all my ammo online in the first place.

    But the hotel fees for receiving packages can be costly, and I think it was based on weight so I ended up paying $30-40 for 1k rounds of 9mm if I remember right.

    The year after astcell helped me out since we were splitting a lane anyway, and I gave him a few boxes of 3" magnum slugs for his effort. Last year one of my friends was living in vegas so I just shipped it right to his place.

    But the storage locker concept sounds like a perfect idea for a larger number of people to take advantage of.

    I'll have a car and can probably help you out if you receive too many packages. I can give you cash / bitcoin as collateral until it arrives at the shoot, if you have to give me higher value items. But I'm only showing up for the thrs shoot and the earliest I can pick things up is wed night which may be a problem for you.

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  • astcell
    Re: getting ammo and gear out to Vegas for the Shoot

    A few years ago seesss bought ammo and sent it to my house here in CA and I drove it up to the shoot for him. Shipping out of your home state can sometimes save you sales tax too. I'm happy to haul ammo for folks.

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  • Deviant Ollam
    Re: getting ammo and gear out to Vegas for the Shoot

    if this concept works well and folk wind up wanting to do this, we can talk more about it here. ultimately, however, i will post if there's a go-head for this and give you instructions for emailing to arrange for packages to be handled.

    this will not have a cost associated with it this year, but if it gets really popular, i predict that it may cost something in the future (if i wind up renting an SUV in vegas as opposed to just a car in the future)

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  • Deviant Ollam
    started a topic getting ammo and gear out to Vegas for the Shoot

    getting ammo and gear out to Vegas for the Shoot

    A recent email conversation with a buddy led to me considering something that any number of folk have to face when planning for the DEFCON Shoot... getting ammo out to Nevada.

    Many folk fly to DEFCON. Flying, a passenger can have up to 11lbs of ammo. That's a fair amount if you're just traveling with a personal defense firearm, but not quite enough if you're attending the DEFCON Shoot. ;-)

    Buying ammo in Vegas can be more expensive than options you might have available at your own local areas, or even impossible if you want to use ammo that you own but which is no longer found in stores.

    So what to do? Well, you could ship to the hotel and pay whatever fees the Rio has. Also, I do not know how the Rio handles all of their logistics with regard to hazardous or dangerous packages like ammo/explosives.

    There is another possible plan, and i'll start a discussion about it here...

    Every summer, we rent a storage unit for one month in Vegas, leading up to Black Hat and DEFCON. We use the storage depot as a destination address for LOTS of drop-shipped items. We have a unique, heavy-duty padlock on the unit and the storage depot owners (a nice mom and pop business) hold one key. UPS and FedEx shows up, get let in, and unload boxes right off the truck in to the roll-top garage door.

    Then, when we finally arrive out in Vegas, we can hit the storage unit at any hour of the day in whatever vehicles we need and get everything. It works REALLY well.

    I'm tentatively willing to say that if you are coming to the DEFCON Shoot, I will make this kind of shipping situation available to you, too. That is, if you prepare a box of ammo or other gear and ship it to our destination storage unit, I'll do my best to get that shit out to the Shoot Site on Weds/Thurs.

    Now, there are some caveats and parameters for this...

    1. no firearms. while technically it is legal to ship a firearm to yourself, even across state lines, the liabilities involved with this are something i'd care to not have to handle... especially as far as costs are concerned. Firearms are high-value. let's stick with just ammo and camping gear only.

    2. proper packaging! PLEASE for the sake of all that is good and holy use double-walled heavy duty cardboard boxes (with all the contents inside in OTHER boxes to distribute stress and load) and assume that the boxes will get SERIOUSLY punished and stacked, crushed, etc. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU PACK YOUR STUFF LIKE A JACK WAGON. frankly, slapping a label on a Pelican case or something may be the best plan you could have.

    3. this is shipping TO vegas only. you get it out there, i'll get it to the Shoot Site. beyond that, it's your responsibility. you police it all up, you pack the rest home (or sell it or make sure you shoot it, etc)

    4. claiming the box at the Shoot Site will involve you showing ID with a name that matches the recipient name referenced on the shipping label. i'll clarify this in very specific terms when people make arrangements with me. essentially, you'll be shipping a box from your home town to...

    Your Name
    c/o Deviant Ollam
    123 Storage Road
    Storage Company
    Las Vegas, NV 10101

    ... and when you're at the shoot site, someone better have legal, valid ID saying "Your Name" on it. Or make other arrangements with me well beforehand.

    5. if you don't claim your box at the DC Shoot either weds or thurs you may either forefit its contents or have to pay to have the box shipped back to the origin address by a shipping means of my choosing.

    I think that what i will ultimately require is for folk to download this form... ...and print it out (double-sided). Then, fold it in half so that the large "DC Shoot" text is facing outward. Tape this form on to the outside of the top of your box, right next to the shipping label.

    That way, when moving things around the storage unit garage i can clearly see what's what and there's a paper record of your having filled out and acknowledged all the requirements, and its attached to the box (but in a way that no one else can see the details)