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Skytalks VII CFP now open!

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  • Skytalks VII CFP now open!

    You thought we forgot about you this year, didn't you? Yeah, you did.
    No shame in admitting it. Defcon 21 was an epic year. Defcon finally
    became old enough to drink. And man, did it party in epic style. Then
    we had to go rescue Tuna from the Fire Marshall's office, and bust Anch
    out of the hospital. I don't remember. The hangover was a real killer.
    The important thing is, we didn't forget about you.

    So, we're back for Defcon 22. You know the drill by now: no cameras,
    no recorders, no bullshit, and no liver function by the end of the
    weekend. Just the best presenters, the best talks, and the best our
    community has to offer. And that's where you come in. You know your
    stuff. You're damned good at it. And we want to give you a chance to
    show it to the rest of the world.

    Got a neat project that's going to blow minds? Bring it.

    Found a nasty bug that's going to break people's shit big time? We want
    to see it?

    Pissed off about an issue that nobody else seems to care about? Come
    tell us why.

    The call for presentations is now open, and closes June 21 2014 at
    23:59:59 MDT (UTC -6).

    Think you have what it takes? Submit.

    See you in Vegas, baby. It's going to be a blast.
    I check my sanity with a wristwatch. What do you check yours with, a dipstick?

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    Re: Skytalks VII CFP now open!

    Originally posted by bluknight View Post

    The call for presentations is now open, and closes June 21 2014 at
    23:59:59 MDT (UTC -6).
    Should we get a confirmation email from Google Forms after we submit?