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  • Media Server at DEF CON 22


    DEF CON secret media server project revealed!

    The previously sooper seekret server project has leaked out on the twitter and the face book. No use hiding behind our press secretary any longer, It's better to just admit it and let everyone make up their own minds.

    WHAT LEAKED? The Dark Tangent is collecting as much open source security conference footage, training materials, podcasts, white papers, videos, and anything else haxors may be interested in. He plans to make it all available at DEF CON 22 in August and let anyone download it, or even direct HD copy it.


    WHAT NOW? A huge burden has been lifted off of DT and he no longer has to live two lives. He can now focus on getting as much content as possible from the community.

    That's where you come in.

    Send links to content you think everyone should have access to that is related to the hacking and infosec scene somehow. It can be an rss podcast, a .torrent of academic journals, and ftp link to text files, a web site to mirror full of source code, an svn operating system repository, a YouTube channel, whatever!

    Send your links in an email to, or tweet them to
    @thedarktangent and he will start the leeching.

    At DEF CON 22 you will be able to get to the gigs in a couple different
    ways. The con Wi-Fi network (at 802.11g speeds), through wired switches on 1 gig links in different areas, or by bringing your own 4TB SATAII or III hard drive(s).

    We will have HD duplicators running all con copying drives for people who just want to drop off a drive and pick it up later.

    Please help out with links, and we'll see you at con!
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    Re: Media Server at DEF CON 22

    I'll start posting some of the sites I have been collecting from, but what I really hope is that you guys will start posting links to archives, videos, etc.

    Anything you think the community would be interested in that isn't a copyright violation I'd love to grab.

    Rumor has it that Deviant might have some stuff? Or the TTP?
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      Re: Media Server at DEF CON 22

      OK, I'll start off with some of what I've grabbed already and update it on the build up to the con.

      OPERATING SYSTEMS site mirror
      OpenBSD site mirror

      SECURITY / HACKER CONS (Some years are incomplete and I'm trying to fill)
      I have a lot more to do on my list, but finding sources for them are time consuming.
      CCC site mirror (1.2TB of content)
      DEF CON

      Australian version of Gutenberg Archives

      PODCASTS (Cryptogram read by Dan Henage) Security Weekly Video Security Weekly audio OWASP 24/7 podcast

      I'm looking for security white papers, web site to mirror, pod casts, etc. please help out with links to your favorite resources!
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        Re: Media Server at DEF CON 22

        AV TOKYO's archive:
        The one and only.


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          Re: Media Server at DEF CON 22

          Just an update:

          Currently consolidating content to guess at how much we'll have. I think just about 6 tb when all is said and done, but I still have a month for people to provide links.

          I just finished up YouTube downloads of Make, AdaFruit, SparkFun, and am about to start on EEVblog (Thanks for the HT L0st!)

          I'm looking for many more links, so please keep them coming. It is a bit frustrating how many hacker cons don't have their content preserved, so any links you guys have I'd appreciate.

          We'll break up the collections into a couple of 2 or 4tb buckets, Hacker Cons #1, Hacker Cons #2, YouTube Videos. The idea is then people bring your own 2 or 4tb drive and we disk dupe for you. Plan ahead! First come, first served and I have a feeling the Frye's Electronics might run out of drives DEF CON weekend.
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            Re: Media Server at DEF CON 22

            Here is a long delayed update, I got sucked into other con planning and didn't have the time for the media server.

            Now I'm back at it, and it is kind of a mess. There are many partial versions and pieces of cons out there. Video, but no audio. Audio but not any presentation materials, etc. I'll do my best this year, and next year it will be really sorted.

            To that end I want to call out the CCC for an awesome archive well maintained and easy to leech. Also I'd like to thank Darren from Hak5 who sent me a drive with 1.5T of their entire archive as well.

            OK, back to the grind.
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              Re: Media Server at DEF CON 22


              For even faster leeching pleasure of the conference media server we have invested in hard drive duplication towers, and next year DT plans to launch the Data Duplication Village.

              Too busy to pick and choose what you want from the server and want it all?? This year we have three sets of 4TB drives that contain the same data as the media server, just split up and color coded. If you want to duplicate a particular drive you need to show up at the INFO BOOTH with your drives at the start of each day. First come First server. It will take about 8 hours to dupe a 4TB drive so a set will start in the morning and a set in the evening, to finish overnight.

              There should be six 1:11 duplication towers (If they show up in time), with two for each drive color. That means we can dupe 66 drives at a time. Once enough people show up to fill a station the duplication process starts.

              As of this writing it is sorted like this:

              BLUE Drive = Conference Archives 1 of 2, including DEF CON
              GREEN Drive = Conference Archives 2 of 2
              ORANGE Drive = Podcasts, Cryptome, 1.5T of the Hak5 archives, FOSS Operating Systems, all other content

              There will be an updated list at the infobooth.

              Want in on it? Go buy some 4TB SATA II 7200 RPM drives. Buy three if you want to try for the complete collection this year. I'd do it in advance, I think the local Frys will sell out! Duping should start Thursday!
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                Re: Media Server at DEF CON 22

                [post removed due to duplication in discussion elsewhere]
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                  Re: Media Server at DEF CON 22

                  I may be the only person that ran into this particular issue, but I thought I'd post it here in case anyone else did too.
                  TLDR: if you took advantage of the drive-duplication service and put your duped drives in external enclosures, they may appear blank/unformatted when connected to your PC (Linux/Windows - I don't have a Mac to test with), but this is a quirk of the hardware in the enclosure - the data really is there. You may need to connect them directly to SATA ports on your motherboard to read them, though.
                  The drives I brought were extracted from HGST Touro Desk Pro external enclosures. I wouldn't do that again, but it did save me $15 per drive versus buying the bare drives. Removing the drives from those enclosures involves physically breaking the plastic case, but I saved the controller boards so I could use them as SATA-to-USB adapters.
                  When I got home last night, I connected everything back up and... nothing. The drives appeared in both Linux and Windows, but as far as the OS was concerned, they were uninitialized 4TB drives. I was disappointed, but figured it was the first year of doing disk-duplication, and it was a free service, so the process wasn't going to be flawless.
                  Just to double-check, this morning I connected the drives directly to the SATA ports on the motherboard in my main Linux machine, and they showed up fine, except that the Disk Utility said the partitions were misaligned by 3072 bytes. I think this may be why the Touro controllers don't recognize the content.
                  I don't have any spare external enclosures capable of recognizing 4TB drives *other* than the Touro controllers, so I don't know if this would occur with any other makes/models, but figured it was worth posting to prevent anyone from panicking and wiping out 8TB of awesome content that they didn't realize was there.
                  Thanks to Dark Tangent and everyone else involved for making this available - there is so much great stuff on these drives.