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  • wintr
    Re: Ch ch ch ch CHANGES

    And even more fun and information...

    Check out the pages at We have up a tighter description of the game, information about this years version, and some photos from past games. There's an extended game flow explanation for anyone who wants to hold us to our own rules.

    See you at TTILV (That Thing In Las Vegas, not to be confused with TTITD (That Thing In The Desert))...

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  • Myrcurial
    started a topic Ch ch ch ch CHANGES

    Ch ch ch ch CHANGES

    Hey hey HEY!

    Just bringing you all some sort of an update on where we're at with the whole HackerPyramid thing this year.

    1) I'm still hosting.

    - because I just can't get through a year without making silly voices.

    2) Everything else is being handled by Wintr and CoolAcid (along with their minions).

    - they rocked it last year - no reason to change.

    3) Our timeslot is changing!

    - So... I get this email from Hackajar about how HP is after HJ from 10pm to midnight. I responded suggesting that he's all confused and such. I AM WRONG. (As usual.)

    REPEATING FOR PURPOSES: We're going on Friday and Saturday at 10pm *AFTER* HackerJeopardy.

    4) Are we changing?

    - I don't think so. Part of the inception of HackerPyramid was to have a game show option that wasn't quite as raunchy as Hacker Jeopardy. We've successfully avoided going raunchy to attract audience. We're really hoping that people will hang around after Hacker Jeopardy to enjoy the wonder of HackerPyramid. We've got more time now and that'll make things a whole lot easier for everyone.


    - If you'd like to help out, please feel free to send in category materials to the gang - I'll get Wintr to write up where to send things.


    - If you are a celebrity - get in touch. If you think you are a celebrity - get in touch. If you'd like to be a celebrity... you get the idea.

    7) Blackbadge?

    - There are no guarantees of black badges for anything beyond CTF this year. Yes, we had one last year, but it was a total surprise and we're taking nothing for granted. If we all work hard and make HackerPyramid into a *thing* -- including doing a great job of pulling it off and making it something you've got to be awesome to win... then maybe DT will consider us. It is on US to make it awesome. That's all of us including you.

    As always - yammer at us on twitter @hackerpyramid or check out the website