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  • A little bit of background

    Ok, folks, I spoke to Salem and Evil Mofo recently and they apologized for the lack of online/social media news and information about the Hunt. The person on their team that was to do this has had real life come up and smack them in the face a few times. Overwhelmed with health issues and other personal things. Anyway, yes, Hunt will be DefCon 22 as usual!! Come on, did you really think one of the longest running, and over all one of the most popular, chaos filled contests WOULDN'T be there?

    You can submit clue suggestions to Scavlist@Gmail dot com as per the last few years.
    The twitter to subscribe to is still @defconscavhunt as well. Please, do not send clue items to the twitter. They get lost in the feed.

    No, I am not working for/at/with the team this year at the table but hey, I will be around if only because I really like fucking with people. But if you ask nice, or bribe me with something awesome, I could be tempted to help instead. What do I want to be bribed with? HEY, this is THE HUNT. NO HINTS.
    "They-Who-Were-Google are no longer alone. Now we are all Google."