Tired of walking the hallways of the Rio? Looking for a place to practice your Heavy taunting skills? Hack Fortress returns to DEF CON this year with more challenges and more fun!

On Thursday, Friday, and Sunday--anyone is free to stop by, sit down, and practice their Team Fortress 2 skills. We'll have machines setup to allow players to engage in a LAN tournament with other DEF CON attendees. Want to try out an Oculus Rift? We'll have two on hand to allow folks to experience Team Fortress 2 in stunning, three dimensions! DEF CON is in 3D, so why not TF2?!

Saturday is when the real fun begins. 8 teams will battle each other in 30 minute matches of non-stop, no holds barred, hacking and Team Fortress 2 action. In those 30 minutes, 6 TF2 players and 4 Hackers will square off against another team of TF2 players and hackers. Your goal: to score as many points as possible. How do you score points? By solving hack puzzles of all shapes and sizes. Those range from the ridiculous to the obscenely technical. You can also score points in TF2 by doing what you normally do in that game: Dominate, kill, capture, take revenge. That's not where the fun ends though. Want to block your opponents from submitting a challenge? Want to set them on fire? Of course you do. Who wouldn't? As you accomplish tasks you'll earn coins that can be spent in our "hackconomy." Once the thirty minutes is up, the team with the most points wins.

We'll have signups for the Saturday Hack Fortress tournament going on throughout Thursday and Friday, and we encourage all teams interested in playing to stop by and engage our judges to sign up!

During the DEF CON, follow the @TF2Shmoo account on Twitter for updates! If you have any questions, feel free to tweet or post to this forum.

While the official schedule for Saturday's Hack Fortress will be posted at DEF CON, the proposed schedule looks like:
Saturday, 09 August 2014:
1000-1100: Bracket 1, Game 1
1100-1200: Bracket 1, Game 2
1200-1300: Bracket 2, Game 1
1300-1400: Bracket 2, Game 2
<~30 Minute Break>
1430-1530: Semifinals, Bracket 1
1530-1630: Semifinals, Bracket 2
<~30 Minute Break>
1700-1800: Final Match

Hack Fortress is sponsored by ShmooCon. Thank them for all of their support!