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  • Crash and Compile Team Annoucements

    I'm sure you are all excited to find out which teams made it past the pre-qualifications and will be competing during Crash and Compile. And honestly I meant to get this out sooner than now, but spent several hours fighting against Java apps that while working perfectly fine two days ago, have now decided to not run. But my computer problems aside, lets see how we did.

    Of the people who created accounts, only about half managed to fill out the application correctly. That left us with 28 teams all fighting to get nine spots on stage. And while I would love to have more teams during the main competition, DEF CON is already balking at my beer order, saying it is more than Hacker Jeopardy drank all three nights. For the record I said it sounds to me like Hacker Jeopardy needs to step up their game. But we're working that out, and what ever DEF CON doesn't cover I'll front out of pocket.

    Ok, now early July comes around, and it's time to get serious. We opened up the problems to everyone to complete. And come 11pm on July 31st, we're down to 14 teams who participated in the pre-qualification round. Where are the other 14 teams? Apart from one team who was unable to make it to DEF CON, and let me know, they were a no show.

    We still only have nine spots of course. Now how I determine scoring, we grade the problem difficulty level, and they group teams based on which of the three problems they were able to complete. So if have one team that finishes the Easy and Medium problems, and another that manages the Easy and Hard problems, then the team that did the easy and hard problem finishes ahead. Now a few of you have mentioned that the "hard" problem, actually seemed easier to you than the "medium" problem. And by looking at the scoring, likely it was. I also manually graded that problem for everyone, since there were some issues with the wording and what we were expecting.

    As it happens, the difference in difficulty level isn't going to matter in this case, as there were exactly nine teams who completed all three problems.

    Quantum Koala Coalition
    Frink Rules
    Volatile Consts
    Sponsored by Microsoft but not the one you are thinking of
    Sprechen Sie Dick Pics
    The Bolting Coelacanths


    Crash and Compile will take place at 5pm, on the stage in the contest area. You will need to be able to connect to a _wired_ network connection in order to submit your contest results. And this year I've bought a big box of 30 foot cables, so there won't be any issues getting people on the net. We should have Internet access. If that fails, we'll still run.

    If you are unable to make it, let me know as soon as possible, since there are a number of teams who would be more than happy to take your spot and drink your beer.

    And standing by the following teams:

    Ninja Walrus Attack Force
    B00lean Altitude
    Coding Under The Influence

    Thanks everyone, and I look forward to DEF CON.

    I'll also plug that I designed the IR quest learn to solder, hardware hacking kit for the DEFCON Darknet Project. Kits are $20, and you'll be able to pick one up in the Hardware Hacking Village. There are only 300, so they are likely to sell out quickly. The DEFCON Darknet Project is an awesome contest, so be sure and check it out.
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