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  • GoPro Video Running The Course

    Got the footage recovered of my gopro mounted on my full auto ar15 with M4-2000. I took off the side reddot since it makes the acog look strange from that vantage point. It sucks that I didn't get this done while at defcon, but hopefully others can watch this before next years contest to get a better idea of what it is like.

    I missed the second to last target, you can see how I didn't hold my breath for that shot but I did for the others when I was breathing hard. I guess I got cocky after hitting 28/28 at that point.

    Recorded at 1080p60 but youtube probably drops it to 30fps. (If you're watching it just after I posted this, the HD versions are still being processed by youtube)

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    Re: GoPro Video Running The Course

    Thanks so much Seeess for uploading your video. I know you had problems with the actual file and glade to see that you figured out the problem.

    I know this is asking too much but it would totally be cool if there where 2 GoPro cams on your gun. One showing you and one showing what your shooting at. Then mesh the two videos together so you can see both views would be totally cool.

    Either way thanks so much for posting the video. I hope at least some people get an idea of what this contest is all about. Those of you that still don't get it, please PM me with your questions or post them on the forum. I'll help you guys out as best as I can.



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      Re: GoPro Video Running The Course

      i think that Point of View would be a pretty epic option for the future. during the x-traction point game that we run, players wear a Countour Cam which fits really well on their head via a strap. over the gun shots come out really really well.

      see this video, which is cut like an MTV editor with ADHD made it, but still you can see some good shots. :-)
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        Re: GoPro Video Running The Course

        I'll bring my google glass next year, I didn't want to bring it to defcon but it should be fine in the desert. The camera is slightly above and to the right of your eye so it won't be looking down the scope, but it gets as close as any other camera can probably.