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  • Waiting for your license?

    If you were one of the 205 people at the DC22 ham radio exams, you might be wondering when you'll get your license. I sent in the materials---4 inches worth of them, see with duct tape for scale---Thursday night. (There's a bunch of paperwork I had to do after the con, so sorry for the delay there; even with the *huge* amount of work my team did, it still took about nine hours of work after the con to process everything.) They'll arrive at ARRL/VEC on Tuesday morning, and then the VEC will take... however long it takes to process them. That is, however, the final step: the VEC enters them directly into the FCC database, and so essentially they're then online as soon as the database is regenerated.

    If you got your FRN, as you were directed to do, while standing in line, and then put that on your exam sheets: is the site, you can log in and see your license as soon as it's posted.

    If you didn't get your FRN, or if you're looking for a friend: lets you search for amateur radio licenses using as much information as you know. If you didn't apply for an FRN, you *will* be assigned one, and it's visible in that database when your paperwork is pushed through. You'll need that to upgrade your license, change your address, etc.

    I would expect licenses to go online probably late this coming week (by the 22nd or so), or early next week. If you don't see your license online by August 29, feel free to email me: k3qb at arrl dot net, and I'll see what I can find out for you.

    There are a few people I'll be using as canaries to see when licenses go online, so if you follow me on Twitter (@USSJoin) I'll post when I see them go live. Assuming there's nothing wrong with your paperwork, most people should go live at about the same time.

    As soon as you see your license in the ULS, you can transmit using your new callsign and privileges! You'll then get the paper license in the mail in a few weeks, direct from the FCC.

    See you on the air!