(OK, a little late, but some of us are just getting home and/or sobering up)

First, huge thanks to Rance for making this year's event possible, for getting the trophies, buttons, and other giveaways, and for planning and organizational work- and for judging.
Thanks also to our expert panel of judges, Whitney and Aaron from EFF, the lovely Diana, and emcee emeritus Redbeard.

And thanks to all who participated.

Without furhter ado, this year's winners were:

In the Partial Beard category:
1st: Unassassinable
2nd: EvilMoFo
3rd: JMB

Moustache only:
1st: Gabriel
2nd: BCanon
3rd: Timothy

1st: Sunstarr12
2nd: Erin S
3rd: eris

Full Beard:
1st: Evan Rhoades
2nd: peanutt
3rd: Rick
Honorable Mentions:

See you next year!