A huge congratulations to all the teams who participated in our Network Forensics Puzzle Contest at DEFCON 22, especially the three who finished all seven rounds: Dofir (who took first place), and Tom Pohl and Team Blue (who tied for second). Dofir finished the puzzle in 49 hours, 3 minutes, while the second place teams finished in 52 hours, 7 minutes. That's some impressive endurance!

The eighth bonus round of the contest remains unsolved. We will ship the prize, an Amazon Fire TV, to the first person/team who solves it! Send your solutions to asawyer[at]lmgsecurity[dot]com or bschmidt[at]lmgsecurity[dot]com. If you didn't get a copy of the disc at DEFCON, you can order one via BytePuzzles: http://bytepuzzles.com/products/netw...cs-puzzle-2014

For more NFPC recap fun, visit our website, forensicscontest.com. We already can't wait to see you next year!