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QueerCon plans to return to DEF CON 23

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  • QueerCon plans to return to DEF CON 23

    Above URL shows QueerCon is planned for a return to DEF CON 23

    Forum created!

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    Re: QueerCon plans to return to DEF CON 23

    I really had such a great time at Friday's party! What makes Friday night such a great party, is that everyone is welcomed.. I find other DEF CON parties can get a bit snobby. I enjoyed the talented and professional DJ. The sound system and lighting was top notch. I especially enjoyed the little touches, like the professional go-go dancers. I never seen a Queercon like Friday night, with so many free souls, who felt comfortable enough to be themselves, and truly throw the best party I have been to at DEF CON. I appreciate everyone at Queercon wasn't just another DEF CON nerd. People were there simply because they are interesting. To me, the hacker spirit is about getting these interesting people in one room. Please continue that spirit, it has such a huge impact on my life.

    I am writing to formally request that Queercon be a part of DEF CON's "Counterfeit Badge Contest" again. I did not know about the contest this past year. I'm still bitter, since this was a black badge event... Because DEF CON 23 will not have an electronic badge, I hope to compete in the contest making a fake Queercon badge for Q12. With much respect to badge designers Evan, George, Jonathan and Jason.

    Thank you to the organizers, who continue to set the standard for DEF CON parties. Thank you to Queercon attendees for being beautiful.