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Time to Upgrade the mobi yet?

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  • Time to Upgrade the mobi yet?

    At what point does one upgrade their mobile device? I ask this wondering just how many of us actually hang onto a perfectly good yet old Smart Phone?

    The wife still prefers the Sliders, and I've owned my SII for some time now. Yet it still handles my almost everything.

    To me?
    If I wann upgrade it? I flash it or appease my own eyes with just a new app or proggy.

    Anyone else hanging on tight to their old mobi's or other devices?

    Hell, some where I've probly got a 80 lb desktop deep in the cluster of the basement. >.<

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    Re: Time to Upgrade the mobi yet?

    I still have a Motorola Flip Phone with LED numbers, and all it does is dial numbers. No memory or anything. I also have my G1 which is awesome and has yet to be topped in the ergonomics depatment. Other than that I trade all my stuff up to gazelle.


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      Re: Time to Upgrade the mobi yet?

      I've never been a chronic upgrader since I have all of the coordination of a toddler. I typically hold onto a phone until I break it which usually happens within 2 years. My current record is an old LG clamshell dumb phone which has survived almost 4 years despite me dropping it several dozen times, including in water. I had planned to switch to a smart phone once this one died but it just keeps taking the pounding. Now it's a game of morbid curiosity to see how long it will last before it kills itself to get away from me.