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Otakon Baltimore 2015

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  • Otakon Baltimore 2015

    Hey DEFCON-ers,

    I promised my son we could go to a convention of his choice this new year, and he's picked Otakon in Baltimore in July. I'm not a big anime fan, even though I'm into Asian cultures (studied martial arts from Japan, Korea, and China). Anyone else here going? I'm looking for either some tips on what the non-anime fan can do, and/or suggestions on where to hang out while he's doing his thing. This is kinda like telling your mom what she should do when she drops you off at DEF CON :D I WILL be getting a conference badge. I'm guessing that while I'll try to soak up some of what he's into, I'll also be spending some quality time bonding with my laptop and a few VMs :D