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IBM TransNote sound issues....

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  • IBM TransNote sound issues....

    looking for trouble shooting ideas....

    i have an IBM TransNote running win2000pro. it has a mono speaker. when i play music and sounds the RIGHT audio channel makes no noise or only makes popping sounds. the Left channel sounds fine. it cant be the speaker 'cuz it sounds fine when i move the ballance to all LEFT. it also incurrs the same problem using the headphone jack, so i know the problem is upstream. does this sound like a hardware problem? i think i'm running all the latest drivers. it just sounds rare that an audio card in a 10 month laptop would fry on 1 channel only. any ideas?

    i can bring it to Spectrum if anyone wants to try something i havn't....

    if i don't get it fixed than it has to go into IBM for warranty work on mon. and i'll be without a comp. all week. i'm not sure i'm mentaly stable enough to be without it for a whole week.

    please help!
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    Re: IBM TransNote sound issues....

    Originally posted by KeLviN
    i can bring it to Spectrum if anyone wants to try something i havn't....
    Sounds like a sound card issue, which is probably integrated into the motherboard :( ... but bring it on down... :) ... just dont' ask Fused about the help we provided to his laptop ;) ... yeah the one that burst into flames shortly afterwards ;) ;) all coincidence of course