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Notice to ALL newbies, larvae, etc... READ THIS FIRST!

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  • Notice to ALL newbies, larvae, etc... READ THIS FIRST!

    You know, we could fix this problem quite easily by sending each user a "FAQ" on our forums when they sign up. Make it part of an email verification system or whatever. This is just an example. Please feel free to edit/modify, etc... I just think each noobie needs something like this FIRST.


    1) Lurk - Yes, we did say that. Lurk. Spend time reading posts and learning the personalities on the forum. You'll also learn things you might have been ready to ask.

    2) Don't repeat questions - If you can possibly handle it, don't ask a question that has already been asked previously on the forums. The answers are already posted for everyone to read.

    3) Use the search button - Find answers to questions already asked by using the search button. It's really not that difficult.

    4) Don't be an ass - You're not l33t... none of us are. We might be good at what we do, but this isn't your hometown social circle where misspelled words and arrogance earn you brownie points.

    5) Don't be stupid - Think about what you want to post. We don't need any more flame wars than we already have.

    6) Be yourself - Don't try to be something you're not. You'll find yourself a target a lot less if you just acknowledge that you don't know the answer to everything (42).

    7) Respect - "Huh? I thought these were freakin hackers?! No hacker has respect." You ought to turn around and leave now. There are folks on this board that have been around way longer than you, guarantee it. Yeah, okay... so some of the personalities may not fit yours, but they've put in their time. So relax.

    8) Don't ask to learn to haxor - This isn't a school for the lame at heart. We don't teach things unless we know who you are. If your first post says "Yo! My name is Raz0r and I need some l33t infoz on hacking"... Go away. Go visit JP over at antionline or something.

    9) Learn about DefCon - Afterall, that's what this entire forum is based on. The community of hackers known as DefCon. "Community?" Yes, community. Defcon is no single person or group. It's a collection of diverse and talented hackers, mixed with new folks with a genuine desire to learn something.

    10) Have fun - Okay, now that you've heard all the lame rules, pay close attention to this one. There are some GREAT people on this forum. Get to know them. Embed yourself in the culture. Be one with the hax0rs.