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    Okay, okay.. so everyones a wardriver, and we all have blue hair now...

    What's you favorite setup for- wardriving? a small home wlan? a large scale wlan implementation? More importantly, why? Give specifics on hardware, software, configuration...

    The more obscure and useful, the better; after all, anyone can search practically any wardriving board and find out that hermes-based orinoco cards to be popular. And please, please, please don't mention "pringles" unless you are referring to ) your favorite snack while wardriving or surfing the wlan ) something useful about a cantenna other than the sensational garble that the media has loved so much.
    if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.

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    Okay, this one is not so much about hardware, but a configuration I like. My hardware is all cheap ass linksys, orinoco rebranded, 10base 3com hubs - their fans because the buzz was getting too annoying.

    I DON'T use WEP. If you wardrive me, you will see green. I do use MAC filtering, and ssh into a wired box on my network to do anything that I wouldn't want some hippie or kiddie sitting outside my house to see. This makes me look uber lame to an illegit stumbler, and makes for a frustrating time trying to hook on to a quick Interweb connection.

    Now.. I am considering changing my setup to something a little more interesting.. originally posted on the NS boards, I will repost for those who haven't signed up.

    ==hahahaha this is great==

    set my ssid to "OPEN_NETWORK" my dhcp server to serve 1 ip
    ran ettercap on that one ip from to ANY
    and left it for the day

    i got 6 email passwords one of them for user ADMIN @ 2 ftp passwords to random ip's
    i think ill do this more often for the fun of it
    if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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      The Mini-Me of WarDriving!

      My favorite set up on the go and take anywhere for both wardriving and warwalking is:

      iPAQ 3795 + ORiNOCO Gold + Garmin eTrex Legend + 14dBi Yagi | 5dBi omni

      currently what I am playing with instead of the hermes chipset is:

      iPAQ 3795 + Linksys WCF12 + Garmin eTrex Legend + 14dBi Yagi | 5dBi omni

      which is a prism based set up, thanks to the efforts of dataworm and his pocketwarrior project.

      I also use a laptop set up:

      Toshiba 2800-s201 Laptop + TrueMobile 1150 + Garmin eTrex Legend + 14dBi Yagi | 5dBi omni


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        My favorite (and most commonly used setup) is the iPAQ 3765, Orinoco gold, Ministumbler, 5 dbi YDI (commonly called the Fab-Corp) mag mount omni, Garmin eTrex (yep the yellow one) GPS.

        I also use the same except with my laptop and netstumbler under win 2k or Kismet and Airsnort under Slack 8.

        I have several yagi's that I use as well with my Cisco 350 dual mmcx card. (one yagi and the above omni).

        When I'm feeling Prism-y I use either a Proxim Harmony (which I like) or one of several cheaper Prism 2 based cards. I like the Harmony cuz it has an external connector unlike my cheaper Prism2's.

        As for why. Well hardware wise, I use the 5dbi omni because it works well for city driving. You get a "taller" signal range. The more powerful omni's will reduce the "height" of the signal range and are good for driving in open spaces....but I can use multiple yagi's with the Cisco, or the yagi/omni combo I mentioned above. (see what I mean

        I use the Garmin eTrex cuz it's cheap and the iPaq because it is convenient and portable. There is no boot time required so I can go from the door to the drive in just a matter of seconds. software. I personally prefer netstumbler/ministumbler because the only pick up APs that are broadcasting SSID. The goals that I have made very public about getting the word out to people on the problems with off the shelf WLANs are best served by picking these up. If people have gone to the trouble to "cloak" their AP aka disable SSID broadcast, chances are pretty good they know about WEP and either intentionally left it disabled (as c0n mentioned) or have it enabled.

        I use both Kismet and airsnort in my work environment for Wireless Pen Tests.

        I think that just about covers it....maybe I'll talk about the other side (APs etc) later, but for now I believe I have typed long enough.
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          My setup

          HP pavilion N5190
          dell TrueMobile orinoco PC-card
          fab-corp 5dbi antenna+pigtail
          Magellan sportrak pro GPS


          coming soon:
          I would like to meet a 1 to keep my 0 company.