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Flying to Defcon

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    Damn it Kelvin...they arent going to give it to us....he he....we gotta take fly there first and stake your claim...Ill be right behind you.....

    Perhaps we could build a new *maximum security resort* for all the Hax0r we will catch based upon the new patriot act.....from the profiles....if no one is fibbing...thers seems to be alot of west coasters...

    But of course I could change my mind...I am now...I am changing mind...


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      Originally posted by octalpussy
      Pezz got it. The rest of you embarass me.
      Ok... I admit it... I wanted to be a Thunderbird pilot when I was a little girl.
      I did too! I wanted to fly Thunderbird 1. I decided I would settle on flying the SR-71, but when I became 6'1" I was deeply saddened -- the height limit is 6'0".

      However, the Thunderbirds were VERY influential on my career choice!