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Win XP dump at bootup?

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    XP works fine for a winos... never called microsoft (outside of work tech support), never will...
    if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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      Re: Re: Win XP dump at bootup?

      Originally posted by jetforce4004
      You had a store upgrade it for you? Also Just trash XP its one of the worst operating systems because you have to call microsoft up for a number to install alot of new stuff. You would be better getting everything you need off of it, formating, and swiching to 2000, 98 or linux.
      You were kind of making sense and I was beginning to see your view point(except I never called Microsoft)....and then you suggested switching to 98 instead of using XP.....oooo....the horror
      Where's the dedication?


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        yeah, xp kicks ass



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          Well, look at it this way. The OEM OS was ME, and that blows steaming gas, so that had to go.

          I upgraded to XP so i could use the Maya demo, and because i hated the crashig.

          XP has some great features, and it seems to be quite stable. Security needs work, but hell, its Windows.

          Im not gonna downgrade after i spent the hundo to get my XP.

          That is all.........
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