I have a few blogs scattered over cyberspace,
I forgot about the option to have a DC blog too (thanks, guys)... I just wanted to say hi, and post something on here.

I am sitting in a local coffeehouse blasting my DC15 cd and using my laptop as an oversized ipod so I can avoid the horrible radio station that is playing overhead here. I am trying to read for my advanced Server2003 class, but the entire nation of the town I live in decided to get coffee so there was no learning getting done here.

I am in debate over buying one of those $320 Asus laptops. I really need a windows machine to do some studying on, something cheep and something that doesn't have to always run windows. My Serverclass is sucky... i am the only person who owns a Mac in that class and they all boo hissed at me. I don't get it. I told them to buy me another Windows machine if they had issues with it.

they looked at me weirder when I told them I had more Windows machines then they did. They are going to school for computer stuff, but its obvious they are not geeks and really into what they do. Not necessarily by the number of machines run, but by the mindset. No wonder I am one of the teacher's pets.