My 11 year old son is autistic. A doctor once warned me that he will probably never amount to anything since he lies somewhere in the medium to severe range of the spectrum. Fortunately, I have more faith in my son than that ass-wipe. The reason I bring it up is that he learned to hack his way to what he desires (fart videos on YouTube). Autistics like a structured routine and tend to obsess on certain activities so trying to break an obsession can be quite difficult. We've been trying to use the computer for years to facilitate his learning but his desire to use it has been on and off. Once he stumbled upon fart videos his appetite for the computer grew.

Personally, I think it's hilarious to hear the sounds of someone busting ass followed by a 30 second giggle from the family room. Guys liking fart humor is normal (and fun) so I wouldn't really care except he likes to run up and fart on his special ed teachers. Of course, this provides a never ending source of entertainment to the other kids in his class. I don't know if you ever visited a special ed class but some are like a frat party without the alcohol. Attempted nudity and/or public urination, wanton cussing, things being thrown across the room, all the while frazzled adults try to make it stop...good times. My heart goes out to the teachers for enduring that everyday.

I was asked to block YouTube to discourage the gaseous drive-by's on the teachers. As a temporary work around, I simply hid/removed the links to Firefox, Internet Exploder [sic], etc from his profile. Less than 10 minutes later I hear the farting in the family room again. He had combed the drive for HTML documents and was using them to launch a browser. Even though I know how to completely and correctly block YouTube, it's hard to end something that my son is applying himself to. Since I still had to take action, I slowly added obstacles. Much to my pleasure and my wife's disdain, he manages to find a way around them each time. He's even social engineered his way on which is harder for someone who can barely talk. In that case, he requested water from my daughter and hopped onto her session as soon as she left the room. I understand most of what he does is accidental and his skills are rudimentary but so are mine since I'm not a coder and have to rely on tools. The way I look at it, any attempt at socializing or strategizing from someone who the medical industry said would never do anything, I consider noteworthy. At any rate, that doctor can kiss my...[insert appropriate anatomy here].