Yesterday, I posted a suggestion in the forum for DefCon 17 regarding other attendees who are also parents. Next year, I plan to have my son with me in Las Vegas during DefCon and am interested in connecting with other attendees who plan to have their children there, too. Apparently, someone by the name of Chris thinks it's a bad idea and because of that, we are no longer allowed to talk about children at DefCon in the forums. Some guy named Thorn said that bringing children to Las Vegas (or DefCon) is just STUPID.

Though Thorn made some valid points, I still plan to bring my kid and am still interested in chatting up other parents who plan to bring their kid(s) along. I have a few ideas I'd like to bounce a babysitting exchange (I watch your kid while you go out to do adult stuff, you watch my kid the next night.), sharing the expense of a locally licensed and bonded sitter and perhaps a Junior Hardware Hacking Village (Paint's idea) in a rented suite.

None of this has to be sanctioned by the Con itself...just a social networking opportunity for Hackers that are parents, too.