I admit it, I find botnets more than a little interesting
OK OK! I'm fascinated with them
ALRIGHT- I ADMIT IT I'M OBSESSED- can we move on here please?
Any one who read my initial blog will have a clue as to why...
The Bot herders have moved to a gnutella model for command and control- points for them.
They have begun to utilize fast flux DNS, although IMHO they have only scratched the surface of its potential.
But...When you have 100,000 plus linked processing engines, you have the potential to do just A WEE BIT more than SPAM!

Now if I had a botnet...

Which I don't, I hasten to add- a fact that fills me with never ending sorrow- (sob)

Sorry, Moving on. First think about the processing power- its staggering!
Probably more than the No Such Agency Super Duper Computer.
The difference is that the NSASDC (figure it out and then catch up) is working in Parallel, while the Botnets are working in (we'll borrow from electronics terminology here) Series.
What if...
An enterprising botherder figured out that he (no I am not going to put s's in parentheses in front of my he's to be PC- its my blog- you wan't that go find someone who can type better) could utilize virtualization to host the OS that the L'0wned (You heard it here first!) box shows to the 1am3r, while running a flavor of linux or unix. -Stay with me here, we'll take questiions at the end (NOT)
Then I (I mean the botherder, of coure) could use something as vanilla as the open mosix kernel or as exotic as a unix variant like "Pooch" to put ALL those (lust, lust) processors in parallel. In the latter case, completely without a head-node and with dynamic allocation that can react seamlessly to processing assets coming and going to and from the grid.
What would you do with it?
Well it would probably eat the following equation for lunch:

WHAT! You don't recognize that?
It's the algabraic representation of Rijndael (1am3er!)
What's Rijndael??? (see I told you I'd take questions at the end.)
Its the basis for AES...
Advanced Encryption Standard for those of you didn't do their homework.
And that's just ONE possibility...