All right, my name is colton. i live in the middle
of hell, or what other people like to call "wisconsin".
I'm a hacktivist as well as an anarchist.
Im in special ed because i dont like doing school work.

Phreaking (occasionly)

What i like:
freedom of expression
long nights at the computer

What i hate:
-preps,yuppies, jocks.
-capatalism (im not a communist, i hate gov't and politics)
-People who make fun of my handle(DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.)
-people that think they know everything but dont know jack shit
-the government (im an anti-authoritian)
-Amery,wisconisin and its inbred denizens
-People on youtube that have the stupidity to flame actual hackers

How i became a hacker:

when i was around six, i started taking apart
my toys to see how they work. i was always
fasicinated with the inner workings of anything.
when i turned nine, i eventually came across a
computer (still have it today, its a beat to crap
Dell tower) . when i opened it up, i was awestruck.
There were so many different parts that i couldn't
begin to even think of what the individual functions
of each component were. so, i checked out a book
on it and started tinkering with my computer. However,
even that didn't satisfy me. then, i started to learn
how to program (first language was basic )
then, i heard all of the wonders about the computer
underground. so, after many sleepless nights
studying everything from " The OSI Refernece Model" to
"Hacking: The Art of Exploitation", i finally had the
balls to call myself a "hacker".

My first hack:

It happened at school. I got the admin password from
a LM\NTLM bruteforcer i wrote (in VC6). Then, i changed my grades (thats a no brainer). I got caught
though by a overly nosy student librarian.