So, over the weekend a shitbag in Oakland kills several cops. They corner him at home and he kills more with an AK-47 style rifle.

The gun control crowd, of course, is calling for an Assault Weapons Ban. Hate to break it to you folks, but CA already had one. In 1999 CA passed AB 23, the California Assault Weapons Law. Knowing the federal AWB may potentially sunset in 2004, CA decided to pass their own, much more restrictive one ahead of time. The CA law is what the current proposed law is modeled after. It basically calls all semi-auto rifles 'assault weapons' and passes massive restrictions.

Once again, however, the anti-gun lobby has had their noses rubbed in the wet spot on the rug. CA has the law they want to see federally, but at the same time what happened in Oakland once again shows that its folly to think you can legislate away crime.

As the gun folks will tell you, all these laws ever do is penalize law abiding citizens, and do nothing to stop criminals; a group who's very definition means they do not obey the law.

People need to quit equating gun control with crime control. They are two separate issues with two separate end results. One results in higher crime and disarmed people who weren't the problem in the first place, the other ends with reduced crime and no impact to law abiding citizenry.

One has to wonder how many times these people have to keep trying to fit the square peg in the round hole before they finally just give up, admit defeat, and let everyone know they are ready to try something else.