I am Completely. Fucking. Exhausted. This weekend, I wrote the 1st draft for novel in a genre I've never fathomed I'd write for (and it's actually a GOOD 1st draft!), built my lab up further, and did an ungodly amount of fucking research. I work and play hard, but I've -never- done it to that extent. And theres still work to be done for my day job.

Dude. A fucking novel. Are you kidding me?

I'll tie up the loose ends, later. Right now, I need to pass the fuck out. Ridiculous. One more week, and I'll have myself a few days break. I'm heading to Vegas a little earlier (during BH -- can't afford it but I'll be in town...) to just lounge by a pool solitary-style, and just chill. Then Defcon.

For now? Sleep.