So I get home today and my mom asks me to get some things from the grocery store for her. We are going to have cornbread tonight, so she asked me to get milk, eggs, and honey.

I get to the store and I find the milk and eggs easily enough, but I can't find the honey for the life of me. It's not in the condiments section, where I would expect it to be, so I check in the breakfast aisle. No go. Bakery? Nope. During one of my journeys down the impossibly long aisles, I cross paths with an older woman who must be in her 70's.

I had planned on politely passing by her as I looked for the golden goo, but she stopped me. This is odd for many reasons, not the least of which being that I usually scare old people because of how I dress. Nonetheless, she asks in a sing-song voice "So young man, what are you doing here this time of night?" I casually reply "Looking for some honey"

Big mistake.

She pats my arm, winks, and says "Well, you've found me!"