My husband had a Tmobile account with two lines. He went by an authorized Tmobile store to cancel the entire plan. The people behind the counter made him call a customer service representative, and after explaining the situation to her, she said that she would cancel both lines if we paid a termination fee. We told her legally she could not charge for cancellation because of his military orders. I guess she was hoping we would not know this. She then changed her story and agreed to cancel both lines for free. He left for el warzone the next day.

JANUARY 20, 2010

Today there was a call on my mom's phone from a number she did not recognize, and the person had left a message for my husband. It was a guy from GC Services calling my husband. I called him to see what was going on, thinking it was some sort of scam. He told me that Tmobile had reported us for not paying our bills and that we owed over $500. I told him that those accounts were supposed to have been canceled, and he tried to claim it was because of the cancellation fees. I told him my husband was exempt from those charges because of military orders, then he changed his tune and said we still owed over $300 and that if we did not pay it, it would go on my husband's credit score. I asked him why Tmobile did not notify US of this first, and he claimed that they had sent a letter. I moved in with relatives the day my husband left, and although other mail has been forwarded to me, none from Tmobile has been forwarded to my current address.

I called Tmobile customer service, and the first customer service rep was VERY uncooperative. Unfortunately, I did not catch her name. She would not tell me anything about the account even though I was able to verify all the information and told her that my husband is currently deployed and that I have power of attorney and had to act on his behalf. Due to her lack of cooperation, I hung up on her.

I later called and spoke to a different customer service rep named Matt. I used the best guy voice I could pull off, and he looked up the account information for me. He said that there was record of my husband canceling one line of the account the day before he left but that the other line was still active. I told him that our intention was to cancel the entire account - both lines, and that we were under the assumption that both lines had been canceled due to information given by the customer service rep who performed the cancellation. Matt was helpful and took note of the situation and claimed that someone would call us back within two business days regarding the charges.

We are waiting to hear from Tmobile regarding the incident.

It just really pisses me off because:

1) We were under the impression that the account was completely canceled, and months later we learn that they are still charging us for it. Once the lines were canceled, the phones and SIM cards were destroyed to ensure no one would try to reuse them. Their records should indicate that these phones have not been used for quite some time - one has not been used since around March 2009, and the other has not been used since August.

2) We have received NO correspondence from Tmobile regarding these charges, and they went behind our backs and contacted a collections agency who apparently obtained my mom's cell phone number via illegitimate means.

3) I feel that the female customer service rep was wrong for not cooperating with me, given the situation and the fact that I have power of attorney. If Tmobile is going to charge my husband an illegitimate sum, fail to notify him of the situation, then penalize him while he is away serving our nation, then that says a lot about their lack of character.

4) These charges are not legitimate, as my husband canceled the account and it was paid in full. This situation is either due to human error on behalf of the customer service rep who was supposed to have canceled the account or is due to a computer glitch that prevented the account from being canceled. However, it could harm my husband's credit score which could in turn cause problems with things like security clearances or promotions.

I googled Tmobile and GC Services, and it seems that they have a nice little scam going on. I have already reported Tmobile to the BBB, but what else can I do? We always pay everything on time (or early), and I managed to pay off my new car in 9 months. We do not leech off our relatives like some people our age. If we find out we owe $, we pay it as soon as possible, but in this case we DO NOT owe anything because he explicitly told them to cancel both lines and completely close out the account. And he was told that the account was closed and that he would not owe anything else. I was standing there and heard it all. what?