We've all had it happen at some point. It's that fleeting moment where logic and the laws of existence cease to matter. At that precise instant, we are enlightened, reaching a higher plane of thought than we could ever have imagined possible. We become aware of an idea so powerful that it would change the course of humanity forever.

Then you realize you are a complete fucking moron.

My moment happened early one morning in the shower. I had been up all night before reading various short stories while I waited for sleep to come. Needless to say, I was out of it.

As I opened the door to the shower, I reached up out of habit to push the shower head away from the door, since it had a tendency to drift that way. However, I quickly corrected course and moved my hand down to turn the faucet on.

You see, I had recently changed out the shower-head for one that was less leaky. This new one, however, was a bit awkward, for lack of a better term. Whereas my old one attached to a vertical pole for height adjustment, this one had the head sit in a holder attached to the faucet, which is waist height.

This was quite annoying. I couldn't imagine too many people (save midgets and paraplegics) that could make use of a shower-head this low to the ground. I had to hold the thing in one hand, shampoo with the other, all while standing in a coffin-sized shower. The tube connecting the head to the faucet was wrapped around almost in a knot from my constant readjustment.

That's when the idea hit me. That fleeting moment where dreams of fortune seemed not only possible, but imminent. For in my insomnia-induced stupor, the answer became clear:

I must invent a wireless shower-head.

I cannot convey to you in words how stupid I felt. The idea had passed, however briefly, through my mind, but the damage had been done. I stared at the wall, slack-jawed, at my own stupidity.

There is no good way to end this story. I cannot think of any way to redeem myself, to save a little face. I... I just...